• Veľké Lovce 450, Veľké Lovce

In the charming village of Veľké Lovce,there is a traditional, multi-generation, clay farm house, which is a prime example of the skill and imagination of its owner, Mr. Galbavý. The original farm house was reconstructed, leaving the original architecture, including the use of native natural materials.

The farm house is now a small private museum where visitors can see how people lived in the past. The house is furnished with traditional period furniture, accessories as well as traditional work tools. The most valuable exhibits include a wooden flour box from 1908 or an iron baking tray for the production of Christmas wafers from a period when there was no electricity in the village.

The House of Folk Housing is often used also during cultural events organized by the municipality. A typical example are carnival festivities. The event takes place in an authentic environment where people appear in traditional folk clothing. It is also a good example of bringing the customs, traditions, material and spiritual culture of our ancestors closer to the general public and to the youngest generations.

If you are interested in visiting the House of Folk Housing, it is necessary to report in advance by telephone.

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Slavka Kleinova • Jul 2021
„Veľmi zaujímavá prehliadka s pútavým doprevádzajúcim slovom sympatického p.Galbavého a dokonca koštovkou domácej hruškovice. Vrele odporúčame navštíviť tento Dom ľudového bývania. Ondákovci“

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