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The tourist attractions of the region of Upper Nitra undoubtedly include the Upper Nitra mining museum (open-air), which is operated in the Cigeľ Mine. It offers visitors a unique opportunity to see with their own eyes and personally try the way that miners go down the shaft every day for work full of dangers and pitfalls.

The mining museum premises are also exceptional in that they are located in the mining area of a part of the mining plant, where until recently active brown coal mining was carried out.

The exposition of the open-air museum presents the history of brown coal mining in Slovakia in the specific conditions of Upper Nitra. The tour starts with a 2.3 km long mining train to the brown coal mine. From there it continues with a walking tour of underground mining areas at a depth of 80-300 m.

Before entering the mine, each visitor must wear safety equipment provided by the museum operator. For each entry a reservation is required at least a day in advance.

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