If you go to Poloniny Hills, make sure to stop at Medová Baba (Honey Lady). This natural but also artistic attraction is located in Bukovské Mountains, on the route from Nová Sedlica to the summit of Riaba Rock. This is the place where a large meadow dominated by a wooden statue of Medová Baba spreads.

The statue is part of the Gallery of Monumental Sculpture. The statue of Medová Baba is 7.1 meters high and is made of a seven-meter period tribe. Wooden sculpture was created in 2002 by sculptor Marek Žitňany.

The name of the sculpture is linked to history - it is mysteriously called by Žofia Maťašovská, a simple modest woman who, with her two daughters, has devoted almost 25 years to beekeeping. She became famous for her high quality mountain honey and her products were also taken by the gingerbread shops in Pardubice, Czech Republic and chocolate shop in Cologne Germany.

Besides Medová Baba, the meadow is also decorated with a log-shaped apiary, so the wooden Žofia still supervises the flowering meadows and hardworking bees. The surrounding area is full of colorful flora, but also interesting forest nooks, which will please many travelers. The location is accessible by a marked hiking trail from Nová Sedlica (approx. 6.5 km).

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