• Františkánske námestie 1, Hlohovec

Homeland Museum in Hlohovec is a typical regional museum of homeland character. It was founded in 1959 and since then has expanded its collection to include subjects of social and natural sciences, especially in the fields of history, archeology, ethnography, zoology and botany. The most numerous are collections from the field of entomology.

The seat of the museum became a beautiful Franciscan monastery with a paradise court, which is a cultural monument today. Architecturally, the most valuable room is the former refectory with stucco, renaissance-baroque decoration from 1648. The exhibits come from the Hlohovec chateau and from the rich burgher houses of Hlohovec.

Other permanent exhibitions of the Homeland Museum in Hlohovec include:

  • Porcelain, stoneware and glass in a folk environment - exposes porcelain, white and dark stoneware as well as glassware.

  • Franciscans in Slovakia - the only museum exhibition in Slovakia giving a brief picture of the influence of Franciscans in the past and present.

  • Natural Exposure - the oldest exposition of the museum. It presents animals occurring in forests between the Little Carpathians and Považský Inovec.

  • Folk clothing - the exposition of women's folk clothing shows how women dressed in the past.

  • Archeology - presents archaeological findings from Hlohovec and its surroundings.

  • Exposition of historical portrait and graphics - exhibited here are oil paintings and graphics come from the inventory of the Hlohov castle, specifically from the family picture gallery, which included portraits Erdödiovcov.

Homeland Museum in Hlohovec also manages Hlohovec Lookout Tower, which is seasonally accessible and is part of the Church of St. Michael Archangel. The church tower also houses an exhibition of historical photographs and depictions of Hlohovec.

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