• Hlavná 976/8, Galanta
The time required is approx. 1 hour.
The time required is approx. 1 hour.

If you find yourself in Galanta or in surroundings of this town, we recommend you to stop for a moment in the Homeland Museum, which reveals the town's history and enrich you with interesting information from this environment.

The Homeland Museum is located in the center of the city - in a former bank building. It was founded in 1969 and its main mission is to document the development of nature and society in the region. In addition, it specializes in documenting the history of milling in the bsin of the Small Danube and the lower Váh River.

Many visitors will certainly be enchanted by the exposition of burgher housing with an important collection of historical furniture from the craft workshop of Austria - Hungary.

Exposition of Topography of Galanta and its surroundings offers you a selection of a rich ethnological collection of the museum, through which you will be also introduced to micro-regions such as Šoporňa and Pata, Abrahám and surroundings, Veľky Grob and surroundings, or Slovenský Komlóš and surroundings.

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