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Above the small village of Hodruša Hámre, nestled in the mountains of the Štiavnica Mountains, is a clear, glittering lake of Hodruša, also known as the Lower Hodruša Lake. It is especially popular with locals and residents of nearby villages and towns, but more and more visitors come from far away too.

Hodruša Lake is artificially built, but everywhere around there is a beautiful and genuine nature. During the summer, the Hodruša Lake offers refreshment, lazing, as well as active sports. The shore of the lake is modified, with gradual entry into the water.

There is also a camp just outside the lake. There are also refreshment stalls nearby, as well as numerous forest paths suitable for hiking in every season.

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Iveta Kupcová • Jan 2023
„Ahoj chcela by som sa opytat,ci sa moze v Hodrusskom jazere okupat s nami aj nas pes....dakujem za info Iveta“

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