The time required is approx. 2 hours.
The time required is approx. 2 hours.

Sometimes even smaller hikes can impress with their charm and discretion. Evidence of this is the Hájska Rock, which rises above the village of Ráztočno in the Žiar Mountains. This 20-meter-high limestone rock is popular especially with technical climbers, but it definitely has something to offer also to hikers and nature lovers.

Hájska Rock is interesting by surface karst formations, the so-called grikes, but the most appealing are the views from its tops. You can enjoy the views of the entire Handlovská Valley, the Vtáčnik Mountains or village Ráztočno and the Strážovské Hills in the west. In good weather, you will surely see Bojnice Castle.

In the Hájská Rock massif, which is 25 m long, there is a Hájska Cave which is also open to the public. It was created by seepage activities. According to the findings, the cave was inhabited already in Neolithic era.

You can get to this rock from the Ráztočno Railway Station, where you can park your car. Another option is the blue-marked trail which will lead you through the meadow, the deciduous forest, and the cliff. The ascent is unpretentious and short - approximately 2 km. The journey takes only about 50 minutes at a slow pace.

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Anonym • Nov 2020
„V kometári je napísané, že obec Ráztočno je na východnej strane od Hájskej skaly. V skutočnosti je Ráztočno od skaly v smere na Strážovské pohorie t.j. na západ.“

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