• Kľačno 312, Kľačno
The time required is approx. 30 minutes.
The time required is approx. 30 minutes.

If you are an animal lover and the classic ZOO is not enough for you, be sure to visit Farm Zelená Ruža in the village Kľačno. It is located near Prievidza and you will definitely not regret visiting it!

It offers visitors contact with animals for a symbolic 1 €. You can see (or even pet or feed) animals such as hens, goats, sheep, peacocks, ducks, geese, piglets, owls, ostrich, pony, trout, sturgeon, hares, ...

If you are interested in the object, there is also a fireplace, terrace or grill, where you can prepare snacks or sit by the campfire. There are also groceries right next to the building, so you can visit the farm "unprepared". The building is also suitable for social events such as celebrations, trainings or teambuilding.

Your children (but neither will you) will not be bored!

You may need some: accommodation Kľačno
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Smart Kids • Oct 2021
„Mali sme na mieste teambuiding a môžeme len odporučiť. Moderné priestory, milé zvieratká a dostali sme aj zľavu na ubytovanie, ktoré farma tiež ponúka. Po 2 dňoch sa nám ani nechcelo odísť.“
Peter Gros • Oct 2021
„Boli sme a bolo super😁 Krásne prostredie, prítulné zvieratká a nakoniec aj opekačka na mieste🔝“
Peter Gros • Oct 2021
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