The time required is approx. 30 minutes.
The time required is approx. 30 minutes.

On the edge of a large English park in Turčianská Štiavnička, there is a Renaissance mansion built in the second half of the 16th century. The idyllic setting is perfect for walks, contemplation, picnics or active leisure with family and friends.

An extensive English park with a winter garden, lakes and precious ancient woods abounds in an atmosphere as taken from a romantic film. It is a park that grows smoothly into the surrounding forests and creates a kind of arboretum. You can also admire the preserved building of the Empire greenhouse, the so-called orangery and former rosary, which once housed 160 varieties of roses.

Hidden on the edge, in the shade of trees, surrounded by the noise of the leaves stands the former residence of the noble family of the Révay family. The manor house is also known from Martin Frič's film "Jánošík", where Count Révay tried to shoot Juraj Jánošík from one of the terraces of the manor. The reconstructed mansion is currently in private ownership and is not open to the public.

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Anonym • Feb 2024
„Park má 3m plot s ostnatým drôtom po celom obvode. Momentálne vraj celý objekt patrí Matovičovej Pavlínke a stavajú sa tam nové apartmány. Je to celé také smutné. Ak predsa len budete v Štiavničke tak doporučujem miesto nad parkom ktoré sa volá Teplické serpentíny. Je to sústava jazierok a vodných serpentín.“
Patrícia • Jun 2023
„ The park is already closed, but it is a project which will open the park to the public in the future.“
Ivan • Apr 2020
„Tento park je uzavretý a nieje prístupný verejnosti.“

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