• Nitrianska 2, Branč

Not far from the bustle of the city of Nitra, there is the village of Branč, where the time goes somewhat slower and the nature is harmoniously living with majestic and beautiful horses under the auspices of the Equestrian Club El Zorro.

El Zorro Riding Club offers horse riding lessons in the form of individual lessons or courses. They also offer rides on Shetland ponies for the youngest children.

Riding courses include both theoretical and practical parts. Advanced iding courses include parkour and dressage.

Beginners and less experienced riders learn under the supervision of a trainer and those more experienced can go for a ride along our ranch to the nearby woods towards Levice.

Candidates who own horses can prepare here for the race and stable them too. The ranch is open during summer and winter every day except Monday when it is a day off.

Horseback riding needs to be booked in advance by telephone.

You may need some: accommodation district Nitra
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