The educational trail passes through one of the most beautiful gorges not only in Juráňová Valley but also in Slovakia. It offers a very varied and undemanding tourism for all hikers.

The educational trail path is actually a circuit that was created on the existing hiking trail. The first stop of the educational trail is near the Oravice swimming pool in the Orava basin. It is 8 km long, the elevation you overcome s only 170 m. The average passage time is 3 hours, with 5 information boards on the route.

The most beautiful section leads through the complex of Tiesňava in Juráňová valley, which is characterized by perpendicular rock walls, between which the gurgling Juráňov stream flows. A 930 m long wooden bridge was built at the end of the 19th century over the Tiesňava in Juráňová Valley. A strong flood destroyed him it 1935, but several reconstructed wooden beams across the riverbed can still be seen today.

Along the way you will be accompanied by a rich alpine flora, which is located at a relatively low altitude and even at this location grows dwarf in the lowest positions. The seasonal closure of the educational trail is from 1 November to 15 June.

You may need some: accommodation Oravice
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