Jurský Šúr is a national nature reserve. The locality is characterized by wetlands with rare plant and animal species. The most valuable part is the waterlogged mud alder forest.

The reserve is full of braided trees that resemble tropical forests with their picturesque shape. Since wetlands and thus the space for animal species that need them for their lives are decrease more and more, Šúr was entered in the International Ramsar Convention List in 1990.

Jurský Šúr offers a relaxing and peaceful tourism in every season. Getting to know this place is due to its character possible almost exclusively on its perimeter. There are several field roads and paths there.

The trail of the Natural Jewels of Šúr begins at the Fanglovský Stream. The walkway is unpretentious, but unusual. If you are looking for a circular route, we recommend that you go from Svätý Jur or from Čierna Voda. The circular route can be completed in 4 to 5 hours and is also suitable for cyclists.

You can get to the trail from Svätý Jur, Čierna Voda or Vajnory.

You may need some: accommodation Svätý Jur
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