The most popular place of summer recreation, but also the cultural and festival mosque - these attributes are proudly borne by the water reservoir of Duchonka. It is located 4 km from the village of Prašice on the middle stream of the Železnica stream and has an area of 17 hectares.

The favourable climatic conditions of the Považský Inovec mountain range and the water reservoir itself in the birch-pine grove make this area extremely attractive in time of summer water holidays.

In addition to swimming, the water reservoir can also be used for boating, surfing, cycling or fishing.

The western part of the water reservoir is lined with a sandy beach, giving you the feeling of spending the summer by the sea.

The attractiveness of the water reservoir is also increased by the wide range of sports facilities. There are tennis courts, a volleyball court, mini golf and table tennis in close proximity. Children will have fun on the playground with various swings and climbing frames.

If you want to go hiking, the surroundings of the water reservoir will surely enchant you with its rich offer of hiking and biking trails or excellent conditions for mushroom picking.

Accommodation is available in the surrounding private and business cottages or guest houses. Snacks are provided by buffets and restaurant facilities, which can be found in the Duchonka Camping area.

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