• Orava Dam - part Prístav, Námestovo - Slanická Osada

Would you like to get back to the American retro years, when the so-called drive-in theaters were popular so much? Not only in the USA, but so in Slovakia, a unique drive-in theater was created in the bosom of nature, which is the only one of its kind so far.

You can experience the romantic atmosphere of the drive-in theater under the stellar sky while embracing your love in Orava Dam - Prístav part, just behind the Goral Hotel. During the summer months, the drive-in theater is the centre of culture and entertainment in Orava.

Drive-in theater Orava has 85 parking spaces for cars and SUVs. The area of drive-in theater is cascaded, so there si no problem with visibility of 12x6 meter projection screen.

The sound of the movies is secured via FM transmitter - you will tune in your car radio a specific frequency and enjoy the sound directly in the comfort of your car.

In addition to watching the movie, you can crunch cooked corn, popcorn or other snacks that you can buy on site.

projection program

You may need some: accommodation district Námestovo
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