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Location on the outskirts of the Sub-Tatran village of Štrba offers a mysterious way to the Middle Ages. In 1951-52 the foundations of the extinct medieval settlement of Šoldov were uncovered here. The settlement disappeared in the second half of the 15th century in a violent way, probably during fighting against “bratríci” (later Hussite soldiers).

During archaeological research, in addition to a number of valuable historical artifacts, even skeletons of people over 200 cm tall have been found here. That's it is said that giants once lived here.

Another of the many stunning finds that have been uncovered here are the foundations of a church from the end of the 13th century / early 14th century. They were reconstructed, as well as, a stone wall along the northern side of the church, which the old people built to protect the church from snow and water.

The site is freely accessible to the public. There is also a memorial, an information board and a small seating area. A cycling route leads just around the village.

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