• Palatínova 13, Komárno

The history of the Danube Region Museum in Komárno began in 1886, when the Historical and Archaeological Society of the Komárno County and the town of Komárno was founded. The current museum has 6 permanent exhibitions and registers more than 130,000 objects in its collections.

The museum is housed in several buildings. The main building of the Danube Region Museum is the Cultural Palace, which houses an exhibition entitled "Historical development of Komárno and its surroundings from prehistoric times to 1849 and ethnography of the region". A permanent exhibition of the work of the famous Komárno painter, Karol Harmos, is included too.

Another building of the museum is called. Zichy Palace, which houses the exposition "Komárno 1849 - 1945" and the exposition "Significant natives of Komárno: Mór Jókai and Franz Lehár".

The museum building on Palatínova Street offers visitors Picture Gallery, which exhibits the most beautiful and most valuable works of art from the collection of the museum from the beginning. 18. stor. to pol. 20. stor.

The Museum also includes the Bastion VI. There is an exposition "Roman Lapidary" with Roman stone sculptures, located in the southern part of the bastion. The extended exposition is the Farm House in Martovce, which presents folk architecture and housing in this picturesque village.

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