• GPS: 48.80414, 18.48022

In the Rudnianska Basin, near the village of Nitrianske Rudno, you can find a dam that was constructed in 1951. It was built on the upper flow of the Nitrica River and was built for the purposes of the Nováky thermal power plant, but for many it is an excellent holiday spot or a perfect fishing ground.

In the summer months, the dam literally comes back to life and bursts at the seams. It is used for recreational purposes - swimming, yachting or water sports - not only by locals but also by holidaymakers from all over Slovakia, and even here and there you can hear foreign languages.

On the shore with gradual entry into the water, there are catering and accommodation facilities as well as sports facilities of various kinds. The area around the dam is rich in natural beauty. There is also a Nature Trail of Water Reservoir Nitrianske Rudno, which will introduce you to the most precious and most endangered habitats.

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