• Námestie SNP 2/2, Rajec

The rich history of Rajec, as well as a comprehensive picture of the natural conditions of the Rajecka Basin, can be found in the Rajec Town Museum. The museum opened its doors for the first time in 1993. The museum has chosen a well-preserved building from the 17th century, which is registered in the list of national cultural monuments.

The interior has two permanent exhibitions - ethnographic and natural science exposition. The ethnographic exhibition is devoted to the history and craft traditions of the city. The natural science exposition is divided into three separate units, the so-called habitats - water, forest and foothills and meadows.

On the Renaissance - Baroque building, there are two memorial plaques of important natives of Rajec - Ján Frivaldský and Juraj Slota Rajecký. During the summer season, visitors to the museum can enjoy permanent exhibitions revived by various exhibitions and events.

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