• Hlavná 56, Čierny Balog

Čiernohronská Railway (ČHŽ) is a narrow-gauge forest railway with a gauge of 760 mm. Its construction began in 1908 and regular traffic began on the track in 1909. It was considerably branched and, after World War II, it reached historically the largest length of 131.98 km.

The Forest Railway also entered the history of the Slovak National Uprising in 1944, when it provided the partisans with import of commissary and ammunition into the mountains. It has contributed significantly to the fact that the Germans could never conquer Čierny Balog.

The advent of motorization and improvement of cars was the reason for the definitive stopping of the operation on the last 36 km of the track, which was the last forest railway in Slovakia at that time. The final shutdown of operation took place in 1982, when all the equipment - rails, locomotives and wagons were taken for scrapping.

Thanks to a group of enthusiasts and former employees, the railway was registered in the Central State List of Cultural Monuments.

May 1, 1992, was the day of long-awaited, ceremonial renewal of railway operation. For the first time, a refurbished steam train for tourists came out on a repaired track. The second, repaired, steam locomotive was added and a small steam train returned to the heart of the Slovak mountains.

Routes and regular departures can be found on the website of the railway.

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„Opravte si prosím, hrubú pravopisnú chybu.. (Nemci Čierny Balog nikdy nedobili)“

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