• Ď.Langsfelda 3, Sučany

In area of Pizza Pub OREA, we have opened the biggest children's amusement park in the Martin region. It is aimed at children between 1.5 and 14 years of age.

In the park you can find, for example, 1 dry toboggan, 3 slides, big sandpit, bouncy castle, real mini digger where children can excavate themselves, Olympic trampoline, children's small houses, various swing variations and many other interesting climbing and gaming elements that your kids fall in love with very fast.

In the meanwhile, you can relax undisturbed with a tasty meal or drink while keeping your eyes on the kids. In our children's amusement park, your kids gain a variety of physical skills to help them be more proficient and more skillful while developing a a collective spirit.

We look forward to having a lot of fun adventures and memories with you and your dearest ones.

You may need some: accommodation Sučany
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Kristína Moravcová • Jul 2022
„Dobry deň chceli by sme Vas navštiviť ale sa chcem opytat či sa tam platí vstupné a koľko ďakujem krasne za odpoveď“
It • Jun 2022
„Je tu veľmi dobré jedlo, milá a celkom rýchla obsluha, množstvo jednoduchých zábaviek a atrakcií pre deti, skrátka treba vidieť a zažiť, naši traja synovia tam vyrástli a stále sa radi vracajú 🥳❤👍😋“
Anonym • Apr 2022
„Dobry den !Radi by sme prisli z detickami ..mate uz otvoreny aj detsky park“
Zdenko Lisík • Jun 2020
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