Surroundings of Nová Baňa offers beautiful excursions to spend the afternoon or weekend in the local forests. The surrounding hills and peaks offer not only excellent hikes, but also nice views. Above the area of Nová Baňa, there is one such a hill called the Červená skala (Red Rock).

It owes its name to the reddish colour of the rock - the rhyolite - of which the boulder is built. The Red Rock provides a beautiful view of the town, the Hron Valley up to the Slovak Gate, the Štiavnica Hills with the ridge of the Great Žiar and Priesil and the hillside of Pohronský Inovec.

There is also an information board with the names of surrounding hills. A separate board is dedicated to interesting facts about Red Rock. You can relax on a wooden bench, from which you can also enjoy the views and surrounding natural beauty.

The red rock also provides climbing routes that are secured by staples, circles and rivets. At the same time, the circular educational trail Zvonička leads parallel to the yellow hiking trail through the site. You can start your climb from the Nová Baňa railway station, from where the destination is about 2.5 km away.

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