Slovakia is truly rich in rare and remarkable natural creations. One of these unique phenomena in which nature has shown its best is the Čertova skala (Devil's Rock) near Zvolen.

Devil's Rock is a geological curiosity not only in the Boka Nature Reserve, but also in Central Europe. Specifically, it is a large boulder (the so-called mushroom rock), which would not be so special if it did not lie on the tiny erect surface of the bedrock.

First of all, it will surely occur to you that this boulder will collapse every moment. However, experts say that this connection is solid and there is no risk that it will be disturbed in the near future.

If you would like to learn more about the Devil's Rock, make sure to follow information boards of the educational trail from villages of Hornská Breznica or Budča, who will bring you here.

The Devil's Rock is, of course, also emblazoned with legends. One of them says that devil wanted once to throw away this balance in the village of Budča, but the daylight came and the stone fell out of his claws and that landed on a nearby hill.

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