Cerenova Rock is located in Choč Hills above Liptovská Anna. It is not a very prominent hill but on its top, there is a rocky plain, from which you will get an impressive view of the Liptovská Mara dam and the Low Tatras.

The hike begins in the village on the square or at the end of the village in the mouth of the valley where the forest road begins. After approx. 100 m turn right. A short walk along the road - a few another hundreds of meters - and then turn left onto the walkaway. It is well visible and marked with an arrow and a red tourist sign.

The ascent takes about 45 minutes and is not demanding - you can handle it with small children. The rock is pleasantly smooth and in its gaps, flowers bloom in June-July.

You may need some: accommodation Liptovská Anna
Tourist map (GPS 49.15471, 19.47278)
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