The Vtáčnik mountain range offers truly varied tourism. There are several nature reserves that will enchant you. One of them is Buchlov with the same name of the peak, which lies outside the main ridge.

The Buchlov Hill is a typical remnant of volcanic activity. Here, you can admire the impressive andesite boulders that are powerful, high and literally lure to the hike. The tour is truly varied, so you can expect plain fields, forests, pastures, cliffs and rock climbing.

From the rocky peaks, you will see a beautiful circular view, where besides the surrounding hills of the Vtáčnik Mountain you can see the Kľak Hill in Little Fatra or the highest peak of the Tribeč Mountain Range, the hill of Veľký Tribeč.

The Buchlov Hill is accessible by marked hiking trails from the villages of Oslany, Ostrý Grúň or Kľak. From there, you can continue to Vtáčnik and make a long but very charming circuit. The educational trail also passes through the site.

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