Bralce Hill is a locally known tourist destination. It is located in the volcanic mountain range Ostrôžky in Central Slovakia, which is rich in the remains of volcanic activity. The hill rises above the village of Tuhár and even though it is not one of the highest ones in Slovakia, it definitely has abundant possibilities for admiring nature, which even the experienced tourists will not despise.

The top ridge is made of andesite lava flow, which modeled interesting rock formations, cliffs and walls of various shapes. From there, you will have a beautiful view of the nearby but also distant surroundings.

Not far from the Bralo Hill, there is a 39-meter-long cave "Jaskyňa pod Bralcami", but the entrance is not allowed. If you need overnight, you can use the shelter - Log Cabin Bralce, which is located at the end of the top turning to the hill of Bralce. There is a large table with benches and a grill rack. Around the cabin, there is a fireplace with benches, a table with benches, a two-arm cross and a summit marking with a book.

A nature trail Tuhár - Bralo, which starts in the center of Tuhár (approx. 4 km), also passes through the site. There are 7 information points along the route. The route is easy, suitable for families with children or seniors. The ascending is evenly distributed and you will be mostly on the forest terrain.

You may need some: accommodation district Lučenec
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