Although the village of Kostolec is small in size, its nature hides many unique corners. Already from a distance you will be attracted to visit Bosmany Cliff proudly towering over the village. And your steps should lead there if you want to enjoy the untouched nature that embraces greenery and thermophilous flora during spring and summer.

Natural Monument of Bosmany consists of three rock towers, set in one line. The rocky elements can be well observed there. There are characteristic plant and animal communities typical for limestone rocks.

The way to the cliff is unpretentious. An unmarked but visible pathway leads you to the ridge, which then leads through the forest. With increasing height, the terrain becomes steeper and you are approaching the highest levels noticeably.

In a quite short while ,you are standing on top and have a whole village lie open, as well as the hills of Veľký Manín, Drieňovka, Javorníky and somewhere in the distance, mountains like Strážovské vrchy and Považský Inovec appear.

The ridge of the cliff is relatively narrow and you need to move there carefully. During the summer months, it is richly dotted with grassy vegetation, meadow flowers and rock roses. Bosmany Cliff is an ideal trip to relax in peaceful nature.

You may need some: accommodation district Považská Bystrica
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