Borišov Hill is a piece of a fabulous paradise in Great Fatra, not far from the well-known and popular Ploská Hill. Many tourists appreciate the local natural beauty.

Borisov is a distinctive mountain whose slopes are covered with greenery, woody plants and in some places also moss-covered rocks. From its top, you get a perfect circular view, which is a feast for the eyes and warms by heart. You can watch the endless Fatra valley and surrounding hills, but also scattered sheep farms and huts.

The peak and northern slope of Borišov is an area declared a national nature reserve. Not far form a summit, there is a cozy Cottage under Borišov. The site is also popular with skialpinists during winter.

You can start your hike to Borišov Hill in one of the villages of Belá - Dulice, Necpaly or Liptovské Revúce - part Vyšná or Stredná Revúca (about 5km far). For the more proficient tourists, we recommend to go from the Greater Šturec Saddle or Little Šturec Saddle.

You may need some: accommodation Liptovské Revúce
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„Borišov sa nachádza vo Veľkej Fatre, nie v Malej. Prosím, opravte si to.“

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