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Beckov Castle rises on a high steep cliff above Beckov. The history of the castle dates back to the 12th century, when the old castle is mentioned in the chronicle by an anonymous chronicler.

The limestone rock was clearly of strategic importance, so in the 13th century the limestone castle was rebuilt into stone castle. In the 14th century, Matthew Csák of Trenčín, who was then the owner of Beckov Castle, rebuilt it to improve his defense.

Another important owner of the castle was the magnate of Polish origin, Ctibor of Ctiborice. He invested his great wealth in the extensive reconstruction of Beckov Castle. A magnificent courtyard was built in the northern castle forecourt, built according to the designs of royal courtyards . A chapel was built in the castle's majestic residence too. The rebuilding of the castle also touched its largest dominant, the castle tower. It was transformed into a tower permanently residential.

The Bánfi family managed the castle for over 200 years. Members of this family rebuilt it to Renaissance style. They also took care of improving and modernizing the castle defense.

However, in 1729 the castle burned down and only ruins remained.

Interesting association of legal entities - Hrad Beckov - takes care of relatively well preserved ruins of Beckov Castle. The Association organizes various tours, events, exhibitions and exhibitions at the castle. Admission fees apply.

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