The distinctive dominant feature of beautiful Liptov is certainly the Baranec hill, often referred to as the "Liptov Shield". It is the third highest peak of the Western Tatras and offers excellent tourism throughout the year.

At the ascent, it is necessary to take into account the demanding alpine hike, which is characterized by a steep climb to altitude of 2184 m above sea level. The ascent is accompanied by beautiful natural sceneries and hills covered with scrub, which is gradually turning into alpine meadows.

You can start the hike on the paid parking lot at the mouth of the Žiarska Valley, from where you will follow the yellow trail to the Holý vrch crossroads, from which you will have wonderful views of the whole Liptov.

Climbing the summit lasts about 3 hours 45 minutes, and even during the hot summer days, get ready for cold and windy weather at these altitudes. However, beautiful views and peaks of the surrounding mountains, which touch the clouds, will warm you by the heart.

In addition to the rare alpine flora, the local slopes are also very popular with marmots and chamois, which you can see in addition to incredible views.

You can descend down to Žiarska saddle and further down a little more descending down the green and blue marked trail to Žiarska Valley to Žiarska cottage, where you can refresh yourself or even spend the night.

You may need some: accommodation Žiar (district Liptovský Mikuláš)
Tourist map (GPS 49.17362, 19.74097)
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