The village of Východná has preserved its traditional folk architecture. The wooden area in the village is a venue for ethnographic festivals with a direct view of the majestic panorama of Kriváň and the Tatras.

The dominant feature of the amphitheater is the 28 m high observation tower Májka, which is first to see when you enter the village of Východná. ** It is part of the newly built part of the festival, the so-called Small Scene**, and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the vast surroundings as well as the pride of Slovakia - the Tatras.

There is a path leading to the amphitheater, which is of course accessible to visitors even if no folk festival takes place.

In the centre of the complex is the Small Scene, a smaller stage surrounded by seating areas. The amphitheater architecture is interesting as well. There are wooden sculptures of people standing in several places, they represent a permanent natural exposition that can be seen at any time.

The Great Amphitheater - The Great Scene is opened only on occasions of festivals, as is traditionally the largest folk festival of Východná. The Great Scene offers a number of seating places, excellent sound and beautiful views.

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